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Canada's Mortgage Expert

"Fran is a delight to work with. Our law firm works with Fran and her clients on a reqular basis and the level of attention, detail and time that she puts into each transaction is unparalleled. She is always available for our questions, and our mutual clients routinely comment about how wonderful of an experience it was to work with her!"
Nav Parhar/ Managing Partner

"I first met Fran Daviss remotely, though another referral and I am SO BEYOND GRATEFUL! I had recently moved back home to BC, Canada after 15 years in the USA. I had previously contacted two other brokers for help, and neither of them could give me preapproval, due to my time spent out of country. Fran is very resourceful and was a huge help with every step of the way. I felt that she had my best interest as a priority, and I felt very safe working with her. After feeling some pressure from one of my realtors, Fran reminded me that me, as the client, I was calling the shots. I really appreciated her reassurance, as the pressure in this market was difficult. This was my first home purchase in Canada, and I was very confused and overwhelmed in the beginning. I was really appreciated her sending me a list of various scenarios for various types of dwellings and prices. It was a great tool that helped me narrow down my search. Fran also helped point me in the right direction when it came to questions I had after my financial appointment with the lender, as well as help with other off-the-wall questions I had. My parents were emotionally helping me with this process for my timeline to buy the perfect home as soon as possible, so I invited them on each call that I had with Fran. Both have nothing but positivity and praise for the amount of work Fran did for me. She educated each of us with the process and procedures, and answered every question with knowledge and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Fran with Invis Mortgages, and I have already sent her contact info to friends and family that are also hoping to get into this difficult market. She's just awesome. Thank you,"

"When my1 Family and I were relocating back to Canada from the US, we knew we'd need to work with someone who understood the situation we were in, and could help us find a loan in Canada based upon our US financial standing. I found Fran, and knew she was the right person to work with after our first call. She made what I thought might be an extremely complicated process, straightforward. Fran was incredible about getting back to us, in particular when we were going under contract to make sure the deal got done. We're so appreciative of her help, and couldn't be happier in our new home in Victoria. With Gratitude"
Chris, Sarah, Sloane and Greer

"Fran was recommended to us by Paul Kurucz, and her expertise was invaluable. Our situation is complex, one of us a Canadian/BC resident and the other waiting for residency. Buying a house was incredibly stressful with a very competitive housing market. Fran was able to move very quickly when we finally had an accepted offer and was able to find us an A lender in a very short time. Fran was an excellent guide through the whole process, and a true pleasure to work with. We will always be grateful to Fran and highly recommend her."
Arianna and Woody

"We relocated from the US to British Columbia this past year. Fran was spectacular helping us navigate COVID protocols to locate our dream home. Fran is customer-centric, empathetic, and detailed oriented in her approach, which gave us confidence she was always on top of things, and transparent throughout the process. We simply couldn't have made this challenging move without her, and we are thrilled with our new home. We would highly recommend Fran to anyone looking to find a competitive mortgage and locate their ideal residence."
MichaelM and TrudyM

"Fran assisted my wife and I through the challenging situation of moving back to Canada after working in the states for 6 years. She worked with us right from the start, answering countless questions along the way and helping us navigate all of the tricky lender requirements for people trying to buy a house in our position. Ultimately she was able to lock in a great loan for us so that we could close on a gorgeous home in BC, and we got through it all on the first offer! Fantastic to work with, always on top of things and extremely knowledgeable! I would recommend Fran to anyone looking for a mortgage broker, but especially if you're going to repatriate to Canada--her skills are invaluable."
Ian and Kat

"Fran helped me and my family buy our first home! As a first time home buyer, she made the process for us easy and straight forward and was able to secure us the lowest rate. She is very attentive and walked us through the entire process. She is quick to reply and provided detailed instructions which saved us a lot of time and headache when dealing with lenders requirements. She will be our go to mortgage broker for all our future mortgage needs."

"I can't recommend Fran highly enough! She was on top of everything, every step of the way. Fran was super knowledgeable, easy to work with and she went the extra mile to make sure we got the best deal."
Sadie & Jordan

"We are retired and were moving from the USA with no previous credit history in Canada and all pension income from USA or UK. Fran guided us through the whole process and worked tirelessly to get all our relevant financial information. She then got an exception approved to include an average of variable deferred income to give us the best terms possible. She secured a long rate lock just before the rate was about to increase and then ensured the lender honored the rate when the initial paperwork showed differently. We thoroughly recommend her to work complex situations and secure the best mortgage terms available."

"Fran was incredible in helping us purchase a home when relocating back to Canada from the United States after 10 years away. After engaging with several other highly recommended mortgage brokers, it was clear from our first interaction that Fran was on a completely different level in terms of her expertise and ability to work closely with our family. Fran is a consummate professional with decades of experience helping people purchase homes across the border. She holds this vast expertise lightly in her ability to truly engage with her clients around what their needs are and potential options. Fran also has an excellent network of other professionals she works with, who are also impressive. We are so very grateful to have had the opportunity to engage with Fran and her team. She has our deepest thanks and highest recommendation!"
Michael and Kristin

"Fran is incredible to work with. She is knowledgeable, responsive and very much on the ball with a high attention to detail. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!"

"We couldn't have had a better mortgage broker than Fran. She worked diligently to get us the best possible rate and keep us on track during the entire process. All of her advice to us was genuinely in our best interest. We highly recommend her to anyone."
John & Janice

"Fran was incredible to work with. We were first time home buyers and were extremely anxious about the whole process. However, Fran made us feel so comfortable and provided information in a way that we could understand. Fran was extremely professional and efficient with getting things done in a timely fashion to ensure we met all our tight timelines. She was able to work her magic and find a way to get us our dream home. Fran was reliable in communication and was able to answer our questions quickly! I would absolutely recommend Fran to all our friends and family who are looking to purchase a home."
Erika & Tyler

"Working with Fran was great. She went above and beyond for us. She responded to email and phone calls promptly and very detailed. We're so glad we found Fran as she was able to help us secure a good deal on a mortgage before closing :) Thank you sooo much, Fran!"
Bonna & Todd

"Hi Fran, Just wanted to send out our heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for us since arriving in Canada. I know we have challenged you and probably driven you crazy some days but we honestly cannot thank you enough for your advice, kindness and ability to think outside of the box. You certainly are one of a kind and we are so grateful to have you on our team."
Megan & Jeff

"Fran was the first person we reached out to in our real estate purchase, and Fran helped connect all the pieces and held our hand through the process. Fran was well versed in complicated situations like ours where we were Canadian citizens living abroad. We could not have put the pieces together so quickly without Fran working tirelessly on nights and weekends under an extremely tight time frame to ensure that we got the house of our dreams!"
Dan & Marianne

"Our situation was far from normal and the road to securing a house with anything but simple, though Fran was amazing through the whole process. I honestly couldn't imagine anyone being as tenacious or attentive during this process. There were many times that we could have (and probably should have!) thrown in the towel, but Fran persevered, and though every obstacle cleared seemed to throw up two more, we are now, officially, homeowners! As new residents in Canada with our savings, work history, and credit history all based in the UK, the process of securing any mortgage was going to be difficult. Coupled with my working situation (for a remote company based outside of Canada), most advisors would have just laughed us out of the room. And sure, some lenders did pass, as did some insurance companies, but through nothing but hard work, connections to the industry, skill and knowledge of the process, and determination, Fran was able to get us a mortgage that allowed us to carve out a piece of BC all of our own. And for that, we'll be forever grateful. The next time we buy, we know exactly who we're calling first!"
Daniel & Sophie

"I worked with Fran Daviss for over 18 months to obtain a mortgage for a home being built on southern Vancouver Island. Coming from a home I sold in Ontario, I was not familiar with the banks and construction on the island and had some difficulty navigating the system. Thank goodness I was referred to Fran. She was a true advocate always explaining the process amid any difficulty including the financial crisis caused by Covid. There was a seemingly endless amount of paperwork to secure a competitive loan but she walked me through everything. Her guidance and support was critical for me through the difficult process and I benefited greatly from her wealth of knowledge, hard work and patience with delay after delay in the building of the home. She delivered far more than I would ever have expected. She's my hero and I know I couldn't have done it without her. Now I live in my beautiful home and she has offered financial advise going forward. Fran always looked out for my best interest and I highly recommend her services!"
Arlene M.

"We can't say enough about Fran! When we needed a mortgage to purchase our condo, Fran took care of every detail and made sure the process went smoothly. She has great patience and genuinely cares about her clients. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."
Ina & David

"I recently moved from USA to Canada and was fortunate enough to be referred to Fran Daviss for my mortgage needs. I received excellent service from Fran, she has a wealth of knowledge and was so helpful in helping me to navigate the process. Fran was always accessible when I had questions and I felt she had my best interests in mind. Thank you so much, Fran!"

"My wife and I are delighted to recommend the expert services of Fran Daviss to anyone requiring mortgage or re-financing services. Fran was recommended to us by Paul Kurucz, an expat relocation specialist, and she assisted us on two occasions. The first time was to raise capital to finance the purchase of our residence in Victoria, and later on to re-mortgage our residence. We presented a challenging case having lived in the US for decades, with our assets and credit history there. Without hesitation, though, we can say that Fran not only met, but exceeded our expectations. She has complete knowledge of the industry and is a subject matter expert on mortgages and re-financing. We had expert help throughout each step of the process and all tasks were completed on time without having to redo or repeat any tasks. Additionally, she was able to secure the best rates available in the industry on both occasions. Job well done Fran and thanks!"
Sebastian and Connie

"Fran Daviss is an absolute gem! She's worked with us through two home purchases and I cannot imagine going without her. She is always kind and patient with our home buying nerves, whilst working diligently for her clients best interests. Best of all, her financial breakdowns are bar none - you will never have a financial surprise with Fran! I would and do recommend Fran to anyone I know buying a home. Thank you so much!"

"Our family purchased our first home with the assistance of Fran. She was incredibly patient, responsive, and supportive of us. Thank you Fran, for all of your efforts and for not giving up on us, even when the circumstances were not always the best. We made it together!"
Jan and Bronka

"Fran is amazing to work with, she acted quickly and answered my questions every step of the way. She was able to secure a mortgage at a competitive rate in a timely manner and walked me through each step. Her background in financial planning gave me confidence in her expertise about what type of mortgage to get and as a first time, self-employed, single woman homeowner, I felt reassured and supported by her practically and emotionally throughout the process. I highly recommend!!!"
Amy P

"Fran, our savior!! My wife and I are expats who have been working overseas for the last 28 years. In that time we have found a few houses that we have wanted to buy. However, none of the big banks would give us a mortgage. Even though we had a track record of steady employment, no debt, and plenty of savings, nobody would lend to us. After looking at one more house and being totally frustrated at being turned down, our realtor went online and found Fran. Things then began to go our way. Fran understands all the frustrations and hurdles expats have to go through when trying to borrow money. We made an appointment with her and went through our history and current situation. She explained what she did, how she could help, and the process that we would need to go through. There was an application to complete and tons of paperwork to get through together. Fran was extremely thorough. Everything we gave her was checked over and if there were mistakes she would explain what needed to be done to fix it. She was always very professional and patient. In the end, she got us a mortgage with one of the big banks at a rate that suited our needs. We can now say that we have our dream home for our retirement and we could not be any happier. This definitely would not have happened without the help of Fran. We would highly recommend her if you are in a similar situation."
Carl & Lori

"Fran Daviss and her team were instrumental in securing finances and the success of a deal with high complexity. They were very fast in response to my queries and requests, and took the time to help me understand my financial position. Their personalized service was above and beyond any service you could expect from competitors!!"

"We cannot express enough gratitude to Fran, who was there for us for over a year to ensure we were on track for our house purchase. She was always available to answer our questions, no matter how small, and provided clear, detailed explanations. Her unwavering support and personalized approach made all the difference, especially during moments of uncertainty. Thanks to Fran's dedication and commitment, we are now proud homeowners! We honestly couldn't have done it without her. She's the best in the business."

"We had problems! But we are so glad that Fran’s wealth of experience in the mortgage industry expertly navigated us through all the challenges to ensure a successful outcome for our retirement home. We have been out of Canada for over thirty years and didn’t know any of the processes and requirements. From our initial consultation, it was clear that Fran possessed a deep understanding of the mortgage market and assessed our financial situation, identified potential obstacles, and devised a strategic plan. Despite encountering several complexities along the way, Fran would tell us to take a deep breath, then found the solutions. What truly set Fran apart was their exceptional problem-solving skills and proactive approach. She anticipated potential issues before they arose and provided us with comprehensive guidance on how to address them. Her ability to think outside the box and present creative solutions was instrumental in overcoming numerous hurdles. Communication was another area where Fran excelled. She kept us informed at every stage of the process, promptly answering our questions and providing clear explanations. Her honesty, transparency and accessibility made us feel supported and confident. Additionally, Fran demonstrated unparalleled dedication and perseverance to secure the best possible mortgage terms for us that exceeded our expectations. In conclusion, Fran is an outstanding mortgage broker whose vast experience, expertise, and commitment make her an invaluable asset. We are incredibly grateful for her exceptional service and highest recommendations. It’s easy to give five stars when things go right without hiccups. But Fran's FIVE stars are truly deserved! Thank you Fran for making our homeownership dreams a reality!"
Randy and Chris

"For our return to BC from the US, we knew we were in for a rough ride with virtually no Canadian credit history and both of us being self-employed. Fran successfully found a lender willing to consider US credit history and estimated income which was a small miracle. Fran thought we could do better on rates, and managed to find a second lender willing to consider estimated income with even more favorable rates and repayment terms! Fran went above and beyond to ensure that our chosen lender had everything that they needed, honored their quoted rates, and closed appropriately after we were under contract. We would recommend Fran to anyone with a complex immigration situation; her mortgage wizardry for returning expats is second to none!"
Andrew & Allison

"We were moving from one province to another, selling our house in Ontario and buying a new one in Victoria, BC. Fran helped as navigating through it all. She explained the process to us step by step what and when to expect. She was precise in requesting documents from is and overall very clear and accessible in communication. Fran helped us by providing recommendations for lawyers and insurance brokers as well, although that was out of her scope. Lastly, she reduced the interest rate as we got closer to the closing date. Overall, we were very happy with Fran as our mortgage broker and we would definitely recommend her if you are searching for someone reliable and who knows their job!"
Ana & Mladden

"We had been looking at BC real estate for some time before finding a place that was very close to ideal for us. Since we lived in Oregon, we needed to find someone with experience in cross-border purchases to help navigate the mortgage process. Fran was an outstanding resource and made sure that we understood things that had changed in the Canadian process since our prior Canadian home ownership almost 30 years before. She found us a great rate and made the whole experience remarkably smooth given the additional complexities of buying from outside Canada. We would highly recommend Fran and deeply appreciate her work on our behalf."
Gord & Janet

"I'll be going back to Fran Daviss for my future financing needs and I'll be happy to recommend Fran to my friends and family. Working with Fran was a great experience. I've worked with few other lenders/brokers in the past in both Canada and the US, and Fran was easily the best person to work with because of her knowledge and work ethic. I never once felt stressed about the financing aspect of the house purchase with Fran on my side; everything happened timely and as Fran said it would be-she was on top of things the whole time. Additionally, I recommend that non-resident buyers should go with someone (Fran) who has experience working with non-resident buyers and the various surprises that could entail. Fran helped me purchase a house in Burnaby, BC as a non-resident buyer without my physical presence in Canada throughout the process. I was referred to Fran Daviss by Paul Kurucz and I'm really glad I reached out to her."

"Fran is a delight to work with. Our law firm works with Fran and her clients on a regular basis and the level of attention, detail and time that she puts into each transaction is unparalleled. She is always available for our questions, and our mutual clients routinely comment about how wonderful of an experience it was to work with her!"
INFINITY LAW Nav Parhar/Managing Partner

"Dear Fran, You are the best! I know we called you relatively late in the game, but you came through for us with flying colors. Thank you for connecting us with an “A-Level” lender, getting us a great rate and cost, and overseeing the intricacies of owning Canadian Real Estate where the primary income earner was a Non-resident. We so much appreciate your creativity, communication and conscientiousness. You came highly recommended to us by Paul Kurucz and you lived up every bit of it. Please use us as reference wherever you can. We are happy to sing your praises!"
Max and Julia

"Fran Daviss was recommended to us by a friend and what a lucky day that was! We had just arrived back in Canada after living in NZ for 30+ years, myself a returning Canadian and my partner a British/NZ citizen. We were keen to buy a property and we knew we were going to need a mortgage, but had never really thought about having a mortgage broker. Neither of us had any recent credit rating in Canada and neither of us were employed at the time. Fran was not daunted and got to work straight away getting me set up to start developing a credit rating. Then she set to work looking for a lender who would suit our unique situation. By the time we found a piece of land we wanted to buy, she had a plan and was able to secure a mortgage for us. She also set it up to prepare for re-financing once our re-location house is in place with an occupancy permit. The process has been smooth and easy for us and we can't imagine having accomplished this without Fran's hard work and deft negotiations. Not only is she skilled in her profession, she is friendly, approachable and lots of fun! We recommend her highly and without reservation."
Trish & Mark

"Fran was referred to me by a friend and a realtor. It was by far the BEST experience I've ever had with any broker. I was applying for a second mortgage to purchase a condo, but I had no idea if it was possible. Fran gave me a few scenarios for me to contemplate, which gave me a starting point for condo hunting. Once I had an accepted offer, Fran not only secured my financing with an incredible rate, she was there every step of the way. She reviewed the strata laws/minutes, the home inspection report, the condo insurance, and any other documents that crossed my path. Fran was super attentive and informative and made sure had all the answers I needed. Her financial experience with mortgages, bank lending and financial advising gave me a personalized mortgage that worked best for me. Fran has a well-rounded financial background and HUGE heart. she is above and beyond any other broker and I will be back again."

"Fran was incredible resource to our family in 2020-2021. Fran led us with her financial knowledge and helped us to understand not only what we were up against migrating at a testing time, but HOW to navigate this. Knowing the market in BC alongside navigating the financial arena is not an area I would want to do on my own. Fran was a storyteller to those institutions or private lenders to highlight our strengths. If you are looking for someone with financial understanding and the ability to use simple language to relay the process, look no further. Thank you Fran."

"I highly recommend Fran Daviss as a mortgage broker. Whether you're a first time buyer, or trying to take your next step. Fran is always there to explain everything along the way. She answered all my questions and made me feel like I really understood the entire process and she worked around the clock, 7 days a week to make sure everything went smoothly. Plus she got me a great rate! Pick Fran! Robin Farrell"
Robin Farrell Mornings with Robin and AJ Ocean 98.5

"We feel so fortunate to have had Fran on our team during our search for a first home in an aggressive housing market. She secured us a fantastic rate and helped us find solutions when we came up against obstacles. She is highly competent, quick to act, and tenacious, and we can't think of her more highly."
Janet and Kevin

"Fran managed our mortgage re-financing with expertise, dedication and efficiency. ' Fran worked tirelessly to secure us the best possible rate and liaised with the various professional advisors involved to ensure that the transaction closed smoothly. Fran took the time to truly understand our unique circumstances and she was dedicated to improving our overall financial health. This personal attention and care sets her apart and I cannot recommend Fran strongly enough to those purchasing a home or re-financing. Thank you, Fran!"
Andrew and Lara

"Fran Daviss was so helpful through the home buying process. This was my first home purchase, so having someone so knowledgeable guide the mortgage process was a huge help. She even had a list she's created of things to do before closing outside of the mortgage, such as insurance needs, estimated costs. when to expect to hear from the law firm for next steps, etc. Fran was quick to reach out and respond every step of the way. Fran got creative when dealing with the lender, as some of the down payment was coming from cryptocurrency. She took the time to explain to the lender how it works and how to show ownership. Fran's experience and assistance took the stress out of this part of home buying. We will definitely be recommending her. Thank you, Fran! You were such a huge help, Fran Thank you!"
Pip and Rogan

"This is the third property I've bought with Fran and every time I am amazed by her dedication and perseverance to make everything not only work out, but to find a great deal as well. As a person with less financial capital, Fran is incredibly creative and strategic in finding ways to make buying a property possible. She considers our whole financial situation and also what we want for the future. This most recent purchase (and renovation) is where we are starting our family. Thank you Fran for making this possible."
Sylvie Redden

"I was lucky to find Fran via referral from a friend. I really enjoyed meeting with her at her lovely home office and working with her throughout the mortgage process. I found her very easy to talk to. Fran has a meticulous attention to detail and follows up very diligently with every item. I also appreciated her educational approach, ensuring that I was fully informed when making decisions. Fran is extremely reliable - you can always count on her. The only problem with writing this testimonial is that other people will find out how awesome she is and she'll be too busy to help me with my next mortgage!"

"Fran Daviss is a superstar in the mortgage wrangling business. Due to our circumstances it was hard to imagine that anyone in Canada would give us a mortgage. We have had very little income in the last couple of years as we are taking care of our son who has special needs. We have great credit in the USA but not here in Canada. Kudos to Fran for making it happen. She was extremely persistent on our behalf and a delight to work with."
Drew MacKenxie

"Fran is an amazing mortgage broker and was introduced to us by our realtor. We bought a Canadian property from the UK so it was complicated but Fran made it as stress free as possible and was clear from the start what was needed to sort out the mortgage. Fran is an great communicator and always gets back very quickly. No question is any trouble to Fran and she gave us excellent advice from the start. Fran knows the mortgage industry inside out and has excellent contacts so was able to make the impossible possible. We were extremely happy with the service Fran provided and can't recommend her enough."
Susan and Stephen

"Fran, I can't ever say how much I appreciated your time and patience (so much patience) and made my new home purchase so painless Much love and hugs"

"Thank-you Fran for helping us with the purchase of our dream home on Vancouver Island. Your hard work on our behalf certainly paid off with a wonderfully low interest rate! You were always available with all our many questions and concerns and you patiently and professionally explained the process and guided us step-by-step through the complexities of buying from abroad. We can't thank you enough Fran and would recommend anyone who needs an excellent broker to give you a call! Always Grateful,"

"We are very happy with the professional services that Fran provided in securing finances for the purchase of our home. She ensured that we selected best product to match our needs. She took the time to explain each step of the process. Fran’s contribution and expertise made our purchase a positive experience."
Chris and Terry

"It was such a pleasure working with you. You took care of us as family and as immigrants. It was such a nice and welcoming feeling. Thanks for all your advice."
Greg and Val

"Thank you for all your hard work making my dreams of a new home happen XO"

"I cannot say enough positive things about Fran. Working with Fran was an amazing experience. I was working overseas and tried to purchase and finance a home in Vancouver; Fran would stay up and answer all my questions and she was a pleasure to deal with. Fran is very professional, knowledgeable, honest and reliable. She has gone above and beyond with ensuring me the best product and rate possible. Very happy with my new mortgage. I highly recommend Fran."

"Fran really worked her magic to secure us a mortgage for the home we fell in love with. She is patient and calm and knows exactly what she's doing. We are SO grateful that we had her on our side. We'll definitely rely on Fran in the future."
Liesel and Steven

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